Guidelines to Remember in the Event of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a two-wheeler can be an exhilarating experience, but it comes with its own set of risks. One major event is a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle accident can be very dire. It can cause injuries to any part of your body and your bike.

The severity of the accident can vary up to any extent. Preparing for unexpected events like accidents is always good to ensure responsible riding.

Whether you are a habitual driver or not, it is essential to understand the appropriate steps to be taken in case of a two-wheeler mishap. This article covers corrective measures one should bear in case of a motorcycle accident.

 What Causes Motorcycle Accidents

There could be several reasons that cause motorcycle accidents. Below are some of the common causes:


Going too fast on a motorcycle can be dangerous, making it harder to stop the bike quickly. This may lead to crashing and damage to the motorcycle and the rider.

  Road Hazards

Wet roads, potholes, and debris can be dangerous for motorcycles and cause accidents. The possibility of road hazards is higher on rainy days.

  Unmindful Driving

Driving without concentration, for example, talking on the phone while driving, and absent-minded driving results in unawareness of the situation and can cause tragedy.

  Lane Splitting

This happens when a motorcycle drives between two lanes of stopped or slow-moving cars. It can be hazardous because the space between them is tight and car drivers may not expect motorcycles to pass them like this.

 Things to Remember if Encountered with a Motorcycle Accident

If you encounter a motorcycle accident, it is vital to follow the given steps to ensure a proper response:

 Ensuring Safety and Assessing the Severity of the Situation

Your first response should be to move away from the accident site. Move to a safe location from traffic to prevent further damage. Check for injuries, sometimes shock will be unnoticeable.

If you are severely injured, call for quick help and try not to move on by yourself. Move your motorcycle to the roadside or ask any nearby pedestrian or person.

 Call Emergency Services

Right after the accident, it is essential to call emergency services. This ensures that everyone who has been insured gets immediate medical assistance. Also, there is a possibility that police can come to the scene to make an official report, which can be crucial later for legal or bike accident insurance matters.

 Seek Medical Aid

After the accident, even if you feel okay, you must get checked by a doctor or medical professional. Some injuries like a concussion or internal damage, not apparent externally, can cause problems afterwards.

Getting medical attention immediately ensures your well-being and helps provide any record of injuries related to the accident.

 Keep Records and Documentation

At the time of an accident, documenting everything is essential. This includes taking pictures of the scene, injured people, your motorcycle, and other vehicles involved.

Also, keep a record of the police report, medical treatments, and expenses. These documents are crucial for accident bike insurance claims and legal actions.

 Post Accident Inspection

Have your motorcycle inspected by a professional after the accident. This facilitates the assessment of the damages caused and in getting a fair idea of what repair might be needed. It is also essential for safety reasons to ensure your motorcycle is roadworthy for riding again.

 Contact Your Insurance Provider

Having your own damage cover in bike insurance would help you. You would be able to cover your loss from damage caused to your bike. It includes expenses for servicing, part damage, etc.

So, once you are safe and back home, dial up to your insurance provider, stating the event occurred. Ask for further procedures and expected financial aid provisions from the insurance company.

Having an insurance policy for your bike is essential to keep you safe. You can also find two wheeler insurance online on the websites of trusted insurers like Tata AIG at affordable rates.

 In Case of Collision, Seek for Legal Counsel

If the accident involves complicated issues like disputes over who is at fault or if you have deep injuries, it is wise to get in touch with a legal professional for consultation. They can help you with advice about your rights or help you navigate any legal proceedings.

 Do not Panic

Worrying about the mishap is normal, but it can be emotionally intense. What happened is gone; you can only make it less impactful in the future. Thinking about the loss will not help you anyway.

Instead, panic can complicate your judgments and lead to bad decisions at the time. So, please try to stay calm in such a situation and emotionally clear your head while dealing with such problems.


A motorcycle accident is an uncertain event. The most important thing in such an event is your physical, financial, and legal well-being. It is important to remember and follow these guidelines in such a disastrous situation.

It is always advisable to keep your documents handy, such as your licence, vehicle registration certificate, and online two-wheeler policy insurance documents.

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